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Author Topic: Clan and Team Mechanics
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Post Clan and Team Mechanics
on: February 6, 2017, 16:59

So I've seen within the suggestions, ideas on how to fix the currently obsolete clan system.

From: EnderGuy25

"We need a more fleshed-out clan system. Like, something that works in a window and shows a list of clan members sorted by name and rank. And we need the ability to give certain privileges to certain clan members. For example, the ability to prevent them from inviting anyone so you won't wake up the next morning with some random people in your clan. Also, clan rankings would be nice too. Even better if we could name the ranks. If anyone has any other ideas regarding clans, feel free to add on. This was just a quick-sketch."

From: Rex99

"clan activities.
me and other players might have pointed at this for some times now.
at the current timing, there is no difference between a clan member and a non-clan member.
if you could just add anything, really anything that might be considered as clan activity it might encourage people to make/join clan and interact more.

can you add a notification for clan chat.
sometimes I get busy in the main chat without anything to notify me about a really interesting topic going on the clan chat.
and maybe add a notification sound for messages as well."

And these are all great ideas that I believe could be implemented in the near future or probably the next update. As well on the team mechanic I've been meaning to ask about, when in a team, does everyone gain exp? What is the point of the team commands besides the health bar above your teammates head? I just wanted to bring light to these thoughts. Thank you for reading.

- list of clan members by name & rank (either window or command)
- privileges for founders of the clan in order to better manage the clan(such as promoting, kicking, inviting ect.)
- personalization of our clan and the names of it's rankings.
- clan activities (having our own HQ, setting down a flag that we have made, clan wars, clan scoreboards ect.)
- the three dots to pop up on the notif. bubble when people are chatting in clan chat (as well as a toggle to get notification on your phone for a .msg or a clan message)

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Post Re: Clan and Team Mechanics
on: February 6, 2017, 17:10

I agree

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