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Author Topic: Wintersuns fan fiction
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Post Wintersuns fan fiction
on: May 27, 2016, 03:13

I'm making a fan fiction about Wintersun. I will start a story and the reader will continue the story by posting a comment. After 20-40 post we must end the story and that will become our fan fiction of Wintersun.

In the land of the Humans, a group of angry men decided to use dark magic to open the depths of hell to unleash powerful demons. As the humans feared this group of men they were still to defend the land of the Humans and so they were knighted and sent on a Epic Quest......... .....

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Post Re: Wintersuns fan fiction
on: May 28, 2016, 11:07

A quest of honor, knights unleashed the bravery within. power seeking druids couldn't have enough, they wanted more....they wanted...everything.
As our brave knights courageously fought for good they thought "Oh poor druids won't know what hit em!"
They didn't know...They didn't know that the druids had something by their side...something triangular.. something with a uni eye... something known as...
"Da Illuminati " *lightning strikes*

ayy lmao

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Post Re: Wintersuns fan fiction
on: May 28, 2016, 15:56

The king placed his wizard staff upon a shoulder of each of the three heroes kneeled down before him.

"Oh-hoh, I dare say! Huff-puff, I hereby bestowith upon..." The king looks over to one of the two guards standing on either side of him and asks, "What is the plural form of 'thee'?"

"Ahem... I'm... not quite sure, your majesty."

"Oh, blast it! Hoof-poof! I hereby bestowith upon thees the Hero's Blessing!"

The hero in the middle raises his head up to the king with a bewildered look plastered on his face. "Huh? These what?"

"No, no, no, it's 'thees'."

"I don't get it."

The heroes on either side of the center one glace at each other, confirming their confusion with just as puzzled faces and look up to the king. "Yeah, we don't either."

"Oh, for fu-..." The king rests his head on his palm and lets loose a breathy sigh. "Just... Tell me your names..."

"I am Gervais, sir," said the middle.

"I am Halvin, your majesty," said the right.

"I'm Daerick, your highness," said the left.

"I'm Roger, nice to meet you all," said the guard that was speaking with the king just a moment ago. He extends his arm and approaches the heroes, gesturing for them to give him a handshake. They all shake hands happily and the guard returns back to his original position.

"I'm suicidal...," mumbled the king. "Oh-ho! Enough! Gervais, Halvin, and Daerick, I hereby bestowith upon thees the Hero's Blessing!" And with that, the heroes rise up and proceed out the door, thus beginning their epic journey.

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Post Re: Wintersuns fan fiction
on: August 7, 2016, 03:01

Our three heroes found themselves walking down a dirt path and end up at a crossroad... the sign in the middle says: Left - woods to a time orb that can take anyone to anywhere in the future or the past... Right - The path to MLG Nation: a world of dank memes. The three heroes decide to take...

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