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Author Topic: Epic Quest: Sakawakis Quest
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Post Epic Quest: Sakawakis Quest
on: January 27, 2017, 06:25

Sakawaki starts by talking with Luna (NPC) she asks him to go collect wood for a festival that starts in the evening, he has no choice but to go collect wood or have to face Luna's ugly side.

Sakawaki goes to location that the game decides for to collect wood.

Sakawaki collects 10 pieces of wood.

Goes back to where Luna is located but on the way finds a mysterious ring that he automatically picks up (the ring is evil and dangerous people will come find the person that has the ring). Sakawaki goes back to Luna and gives her the wood and afterwards the ring, saying it is a promise ring for marriage. Luna takes it seriously and accepts Sakawaki's marriage proposal. Luna tells Sakawaki to go into her house to change into something more casual for the festival that starts soon.

Sakawaki goes inside house.

(Meanwhile Sakawaki is in the house getting ready) Luna is kidnapped by the mercenaries and is taken away from the town. The mercenaries make a big scene and cause fires and killed many people (NPCs will be laying in the ground dead, some houses will be on fire).

Sakawaki comes out in a panic and see's the town has been destroyed and that Luna has gone missing.

"Sakawaki's Quest begins"

Sakawaki tells himself he must talk to the villagers to know what had happened.

Sakawaki tries talking to some people but they seem unconscious until he finds a little girl next to a wagon hiding.

Little village girl cannot talk because she is in shock and Sakawaki gives her a hug and she reveals her name saying it is Gina.

Gina tells Sakawaki how mercenaries came rushing into the village killing many and told him that they kidnapped a woman that had a very odd looking ring on her finger.

Sakawaki knows now that mercenaries have kidnapped Luna. Gina says that they went East.

Sakawaki travels East to the Wetloth village. He says to himself that he must be careful because some villagers might not like foreigners. He walks around to talk with people (should start making some NPCs neutral for epic quests but can make them have an attitude so players that are doing this quest will know that factions are still against each other). The villagers in Wetloth will charge 10 gold coins to give out answers about the Mercenaries. One of the villagers tells you that one of the Mercenaries is staying at the pub in Wetloth.

Sakawaki goes to the pub and finds the mercenary drinking. Sakawaki talks with the mercenary and the mercenary asks Sakawaki to pay her 20,000 gold or get the hell away before she cuts him. Sakawaki thinks to himself and says that he should bribe the mercenary with drinks.

Sakawaki buys a beer.

Sakawaki goes back to mercenary and offers her a beer.

Mercenary takes beer and smiles and starts talking about the weather in Wetloth.

Sakawaki goes buy another beer and then asks the Mercenary if she was traveling with a group that happened to "visit a village" the mercenary is bribed and takes the drink and says that she has. Sakawaki asks where did the rest run off to and the mercenary tells him that she last time saw them going into the snow.

Sakawaki looks at his map and figures out that the Mercenaries have taken Luna to the land of ice and in order for him to go there he must find a boat to sail on to go rescue Luna.

Sakawaki travels North to find a fishing port that has pirates and adventures (NPC levels 45 - 60).

Sakawaki must go around to talk with Pirates and Adventures until he finds a captain and the captain will offer Sakawaki a ride if he pays him 200 gold but there is one small problem. The ship needs repairing. The captain asks Sakawaki to find wood in crates near the ship.

Sakawaki hears snakes hissing in some of the crates so he must be careful by first searching then if the coast is clear opening the crate, failure to doing so will be dealt 100 damage for 3 seconds because of venom of snakes.

Sakawaki gets "special" wood from crates for ship and the captain repairs the ship, Sakawaki then can pay the captain the 200 gold to go to the land of ice.

During the sailing the captain is killed by a natural cause of age and Sakawaki has to sail the boat.

Sakawaki now has acquired his own boat.

Sakawaki must continue his mission to save Luna so he goes to the land of Ice.

Sakawaki makes port on an abandoned dock and leaves the ship, he ends up in a forest with a lot of tall evergreens and pouring rain.

Sakawaki looks a little bit up and can see the land of Ice a couple of miles.

The rain is pouring heavily making it impossible to travel so he wanders around until he finds a village and he decides it is best to get some rest until the rain calms down and enters a pud. Inside the pub there are 3 mercenaries with a bartender and a maid, the maid is walking around while the bartender is providing service. The Mercenaries are sitting down at a table having a meal.

Sakawaki decides to talk with the Mercenaries but they start attacking him after Sakawaki says hello, in a drunken rage the 3 try attacking Sakawaki, Sakawaki fights back a knocks out the 3 mercenaries out. Sakawaki checks their pockets and finds an invitation to the Ice Queens palace.

Sakawaki talks with the frightened bartender and asks him about the Ice Queen, the bartender says that the Ice Queen is a very horrible woman that has taken control over the Ice land and has very strong soldiers that protect her. The Bartender also mentions that the Ice Queen has been capturing people using mercenaries to do the dirty work and that she is immortal and only the Sword of Infinite Wisdom can pierce her and kill her. The only way to obtain such Sword is to visit a shrine on a different land that is located West of the Ice Land.

Sakawaki believes that Luna has been captured by the Ice Queen and isn't taking a chance to visit the Ice Queen unfit for battle.

Sakawaki steals the invitation to the Queens palace.

Sakawaki sets sail West to find the shrine.

Sakawaki makes port into an unusual large island.

Sakawaki comes across a group of fairies and they seem to be neutral so he decides to talk to them.

Sakawaki talks to one of the fairies and the fairy responds.

Sakawaki tells the fairy of there is a shrine on this island where a sword if being held and the fairy says that there is such a shrine but only the pure hearted can enter.

Sakawaki isn't sure what that means so he leaves the fairies and continues deeper inside.

Sakawaki finds some very tough NPCs (lvl 80-90) he has an option to run past them or fight then for coins and resources.

Sakawaki makes it to a village of only woman and is surprised to find no men.

(The village should have a shop and pub [the shop should have weapons that are strong and good for battle] and there should also be a teleport stone for the village)

Sakawaki makes it until the road splits into 3 different passages, one being a cave to find treasure and weapons, two being an academy of magic, and three being the shrine.

(Sakawaki has the option to go into any of the three.)

Sakawaki goes to shrine and a spirit appears telling Sakawaki that he must go through a couple of trails in order for him to enter the portal that will lead him to the Sword of Infinite Wisdom.

Sakawaki must first answer some questions:
1. What is the name of the little girl you met when Luna went missing?
2. Do you believe Luna can be saved?
3. Will you sacrifice yourself to rescue someone?
4. How many continents does Wintersun have?

After answering them all the spirit will evaluate and decide whether you are ready.

The spirit reveals himself and tells Sakawaki he is the spirit that is engraved in the sword.

The portal is activated and Sakawaki follows the spirit to the Sword.

While inside the portal, the background is space, there are stones floating and a staircase made of stone.

Going up the staircase there is a room with a sword in a big rectangular box made up of diamond and decorated with all sorts of gems.

Sakawaki opens it by sliding off the top part of the box and the Sword is laying inside.

The spirit goes inside the Sword and the Sword glows green.

Sakawaki has acquired the Sword of Infinite Wisdom.

Sakawaki leaves the shrine and heads back to the road where it divides into three. Sakawaki goes back to the village of women and passes the fairies, enters his boat, and sets sail back to the land of Ice.

Sakawaki makes port to the Land of Ice.

Sakawaki must head over to the Ice Queens castle.

(It has stopped raining horribly given the "hero" access to the snow forest)

Sakawaki encounter strong monsters that he can either evade or fight (they drop a ton of gold and resources as well as give decent experience)

Sakawaki makes it to the Ice Queen's castle and is stopped my guards that are very strong.

Sakawaki must find a way to get inside the Castle without getting caught.

Sakawaki must go into the sewers outside of the Castle.

Sakawaki finds ice rats (lvl 2) and ice spiders (lvl 20) as well as chests with weapons such as claws and cloaks ect.

Sakawaki finds a way into the Castle after wandering around the sewers.

Sakawaki walks to the throne (must have Sword of Infinite Wisdom equipped) and talks with the Ice Queen.

"The Ice Queen"

Ice Queen: Why have you infiltrated my Castle?

Sakawaki: I have come to rescue my friend named Luna, give her to me!

Ice Queen: Guards! Bring me her and take care of him!

Guards bring Luna to the Ice Queen and they start attacking Sakawaki. Sakawaki must fight the guards (lvls 40, 55, 67).

While Sakawaki is fighting the Ice Queen takes the ring from the Luna and wears the ring making her become immortal.

Ice Queen: Hahaha! You cannot defeat me anymore!

Sakawaki: (finishes the last guard) Yes I can!

Ice Queen: You will regret living!

Fight commences (must be at least level 50 to defeat the Queen)
(Queen is level 70 but cannot only be killed with the Sword of Infinite Wisdom). Sakawaki kills Queen and take Luna outside of the Castle. Sakawaki can see that Queen had cast a spell all over the guards and the spell has worn off making the guard unconscious and not fit for battle. (Guards are all unconscious)

Luna (elite mode for her) follows Sakawaki out until they have reached the pub where Sakawaki encountered the mercenaries and they talk and share their affectionate feelings for each other.

"New Queen of the land of Ice"

Sakawaki and Luna head off back to their small village because Luna needs to speak with her parents so Sakawaki takes Luna home and the parents start to cry because they've missed her but they have been hiding something from her since she was a little girl. Luna was suppose to be the next hier to the throne of the Land of Ice but the Ice Queen that is now dead took the crown for herself and for that reason Luna was sent to live in a small village to be hidden until the Ice Queen was defeated.

Luna then tells her parents that she must go back to take her kingdom. Sakawaki makes a joke saying he will marry Luna to become King and help out, Luna blushes.

That's the end of the quest.

Rewards would be unlocking new areas like the academy for magic and skills to learn and use them as well as a dungeon that drops godly weapons, be able to use boat to travel to new lands, master the Sword of Infinite Wisdom, and a decent amount of exp.

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Post Re: Epic Quest: Sakawakis Quest
on: January 28, 2017, 05:47

Read the whole thing and honestly (because honesty is the best policy) it just sounds like you mashed together a bunch of movies.
Sucks just my opinion.

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Post Re: Epic Quest: Sakawakis Quest
on: January 30, 2017, 01:34


"Stars are only visible in darkness"
Imagine Dragons

Working on an rpg game

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Post Re: Epic Quest: Sakawakis Quest
on: January 30, 2017, 01:37

Nonetheless i must give credit where it's due. Some of the "searching for clues "ideas are ok.

"Stars are only visible in darkness"
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Post Re: Epic Quest: Sakawakis Quest
on: February 4, 2017, 07:38

Overall it's ok, I liked some parts but a few are too shallow explained. Say, the whole 'pure heart' thing. We must assume you just have it? Meh. Unconscious NPCs and the ones taking gold for speaking - that's never good when you want to do something other than completing the quest. Also, marrying Luna at the very beginning seems a bit too personal move for the game 😛


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