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Author Topic: WinterSun Client ChangeLog TOPIC CLOSED
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Post WinterSun Client ChangeLog
on: November 9, 2012, 06:37

Upcoming releases:

* Character colouring customisations

* Proclamation of greatness cast added

* Auto-away message (like out of office email replies)

Version 1.10.14

* Respawn as 'ghost' and choose to respawn at graveyard or corpse (help get out of problems/griefing)

* Map updates and fixes

Version 1.10.8

* Guest access added

* Teleports added

* Movable windows on GUI (spells, inventory, descriptions, and that kind of thing)

* Lighting adjustments

* Drag-Drop slots on the side of the screen from your inventory

* UI Updates (attack button now shows it's state, and you can stop attacking, etc)

Version 1.10.4

* Fix item description window being too small

* Fixed inn lighting

* Torchlight cast added (will be in the beginners shop)

* Light armour defence cast added (will be in the beginners shop)

* Weapon particle effects added -

* Summoning a pet now consumes mana

Version 1.10.2
* Fix battleground map scrolling issue hiding some of the map

* Added fireflies at night time

* Chimneys now emit smoke particles.

* Lava emits ember particles

* Make nighttime a bit brighter (as it was a little dark!)

* Fix the druid cave map issue where the boss would be attacked

* Fix tree glitch outside druid cave

Jan 2016
* Particle engine now completed - I can now add some cool effects.

* Sparks from torchest (particle engine stuff)

* New lighting engine (allows more lights)

* Faster redraw (couple of optimisations)

Jan 2015

* Team support now implemented (join a team for shared xp)

* Anti cheat system that defeats a 'speed hack'

* Hi-res icons (as an option) added

* NPC wandering fixes

* Several client fixes with pauses and equipment assigning

* Mderator system added.

Dec 2014

* Rain is more realistic whilst moving (as much as pixelated rain can be realistic)

* Snow tiles added

* XHDPI devices now have decent resolution icons/buttons/etc

* Changes to the UI layout

* Big CPU usage reduction (longer battery life)

* Current version 29/04/2014 *

* Client change to handle UTF-8 characters in chat

* Server change to auto translate chat to the users device language

* Server change to enable better threading of client events (scales better)

* Server change to prevent the use of /die when in battle

* Server change to fix up a potential issue in /unignore

Previous version

* Now a chance of losing an equipped item when killed by an opposing faction (when within 10 lvls of the victims level)

* Now a chance of losing some gold when killed by an opposing faction

* NPCs now drop more items/gold

Changes in 1.6.35

* Updates to blackberry and android clients

* Passwords have been reset - use the 'forgotten password' link at the bottom of the login box to reset your password (change password options will be added soon)

* Bugfixes to main clients inventory handling to stop items vanishing.

Changes in 1.6.11

* Swear filter enable/disable option

* Power save option in settings (limit to 10 FPS screen updates) for battery conservation

* AFK option (and auto-afk) - prevents PvP when AFK

* Fix server messages not being displayed

* Amendments to the swear filter (now known as a biscuit filter)

* Fix fireball offset issue when rendering

* Fix player respawn (server side)

* Limit 'you are dead' toast message

* Some minor map updates

* Some crash fixes based on user feedback

Changes in 1.6.9

* Reduction in CPU usage (batteries last longer!)

* Fix names disappearing

* Fix issue causing chat to cause a 'not responding' error

* Fix druid with incorrect animations

* Add quest , npcs, etc, in forest

* Add more items (armour, health regen)

* Fix dead npcs not moving to the correct place when respawning

* Move guard on begin map so opposing factions don't get spawnkilled in the protectorate 'begin' map

Changes in 1.6.7

* Equip screens now usable (long-press to un-equip item)

* Druid castle created

* Other bits of map improved.

* Crash fixes

* Auto-reconnect feature (5 tries max)

Changes in 1.6.4a

* Fix a bug that crept in on some newer devices that would cause the game not to run.

Changes in 1.6.4

* Health potions added (from shop)

* More graveyards added

* Some crash bugs fixed

* Monsters/druids/protectorate can now no longer talk to each other

* Hostile players highlighted in red for their name

Changes in 1.6.2

* More bits of the map added (for druids) and quests

* Questing bugs fixed

* Crashing bugs fixed

* Dungeon fix (druid area)

* Remove exploit for XP gains

Changes in 1.46

* Added some more maps/dungeons

* Improved fireball effect (other effects soon)

* Performance increase

* Added druid class

* NPC routing/pathfinding

Changes in 1.45

* Added more map information

* Fix force-close on low-memory devices

* Added lots of NPCs up to lvl25

* Fixed graveyard respawn bug

* Adjusted levelling mechanism (battle damage) as it may have been slightly too high in favour of NPCs

* Made the 'start screen' more interesting.

Changes in 1.3.12

* Minimap (with positions of yourself and friends(if you both add each other as friends))

* A new faction that players can join

* Character type selection screen

* Fireballs (npc's only at the moment)

* Item Equip Screen GUI (not yet usable)

Changes in 1.3.10

* Safe area in graveyard spawn point

* (Server change) PvP will no longer earn XP when on the same faction

* Fixed 'attack button mashing' exploit

* More quests.

* Quests that are too low are now accessible

* Friends list that you can add friends to, and be notified when they connect. /addfriend, /rmfriend and /friends commands added (still being worked on)

* Shop mechanics and shopkeeper mostly done (not accessible yet)

* Running support

Changes in 1.3.9

* Fixes for frequent login popups (disconnections)

* Couple of other fixes when players die

Changes in 1.3.6

* Added commands ( /me, /quit, /die, /who, etc)

* Completed quest support (you will be able to accept quests (and the gui will be complete too)

* Finished GUI's for Item details display / quest display

* Change audio levels for ambient sounds to be more realistic and less intrusive

* Updates to the chat code to discourage any spamming

* Add bandits to the beginners map

* Add more item drop types

* (Only if it passes testing in this release) Add item equip screen.

* Fix 'menu' button missing on some devices

* Fix reconnection issue where you would sometimes disappear(and not be able to move) when reconnecting

* Fix issue when players would not re-spawn in the correct place after dying (like at a graveyard)

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